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  Company Profile HaoYu Tyre Group Co.,LTD > Company Profile
  Shandong Haoyu Rubber Co.,Ltd is owned by Haoyu tyre group co.,ltd which was founded in May,2009 and located in Dawang Town, Shandong. Haoyu is an enterprise which mainly focus on manufacturing and researching of the TBR. The output capacity reached 1800000 sets.
  The main reason of structural overcapacity in tire industry is low-tech production.. Because of the lack of research, the Vicious competition of the low-end products is becoming more and more intensified.
  Under the severe circumstance and in accordance with the rules of“seizing the opportunity, shift in Thinking, advance with times”, Haoyu Rubber CO., LTD becomes the leader of beginning independent research and development; the leader of manufacturing High-end tires to win the global market; the leader of challenging the international famous brand to reshape the “Made-in-China” image and the leader of creating a national tire brand  to be the milestone of tire industry.
  Haoyu adhere to the development concept of“build a platform, creat a brand, achievement in a group of children”; adhere to the business concept of “do trustful business, do perfect tires to make good brand; have good heart, make true choice, to achieve straightforward business”. Haoyu do professional and perfect tire industry, make Meticulous and intensive research, keep better and higher development.
  Based on the new starting point, Haoyu will follow the new direction, take a new leap forward and create new miracle!


Haoyu Tyre Group Co.,Ltd
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